Hi, I'm Lis & I'm multi-passionate.

But really, I just have fun and get things done.

also, woo-woo free.

My story in 30 seconds (or a shot of wheatgrass).

Lis Dingjan is a designer and developer (read programming geek) who’s obsessed with being in the creative zone (totally code for the shower). In love with helping businesses succeed with laughs, lashings of high quality and strategy, a sprinkle of rustic fusion and a whole lot of joy and value, she is dedicated to help businesses be better and carve their place in the world. Accidentally circumnavigating the globe every year, she has travelled through over 50 countries and calls everywhere home.

An avid proponent of getting uncomfortable, open and vulnerable she loves speaking and running workshops on these topics, business and perspective with a fun and casual style whilst providing a whole lot of action. When she's not throwing things at her computer you can find her delighting in new apps and resources, working on charity projects, debating human rights law, studying up on behavioral economics, drinking far too much fruity tea, listening to Leonard Cohen and pretending she's funnier than she really is.

Yep cool, so what do you do?

(other than stalk Leonard Cohen)

Damn that's a lot of circles. Wanna be friends?

Damn that's a lot. Wanna be friends?

Hell yes! 'bout time my parents had to stop paying for those. See humor? Cracks you right up (yeah I'm that sad). Come join me on Facebook or Twitter. Or follow along at Pinterest and connect up on Linkedin. Want to send love letters? I'd be honored. Check this page out.

Do you suck at anything?

Totally, I'm absolutely not perfect. Painting. I'm rubbish. But hell, I've seen a painting of blue lines sell for half a mil so there's hope! I also can't sing but I'm determined to get lessons and give it a better whirl. I once sang on stage. In god awful trousers. Was I a hot little kid? Gosh no. I was a not so subtle cross between a clown, girl, tomboy and transvestite. I'm also crap at any ball sports (I have zero hand to eye coordination) so please don't hit me in the head with one. I'm rubbish at parties with heaps of drunk people too. I get all awkward and wish I was cuddling up to Sting instead. Ahh. Any more? Calculus. Kills me every time. Just ask an old colleague who had to dry my tears every night in the office trying to study after work. I nearly went bald. He nearly went crazy. I've never shot but I know I'll be useless at that. Oh and really any sport that requires running fast. Not going happen.

So what you talking about?

This is my little corner of the world where I give my commentary and thoughts on the things happening around us and human behaviour. Like politics. Or health. Cognitive dissonance. Biases & heuristics. Or my thoughts on society. It's an occasional blog (life is busy!). Sometimes it'll be just a hit of inspiration or a story about travelling. I mainly blog about design, development, tools & systems over at The Identity Blog.

Stand up for equality

The daily news coming out of Australia is horrific. It’s cruel and inhumane. Sheltered, and perhaps too aware that it would be easier to ignore the far away land, in my birth place in the Netherlands my pride for this country has never been higher. No country in the world is perfect but by golly this one has a lot more going for it than most. I’m a happy, bubbly and generally very positive person. It is therefore a constant conflict to feel so sad, depressed and blood boiling mad about politics around the world, but currently in particular in Australia. And it infuriates me that people tell me that it’s either not appropriate to talk about these things or that I should smile because the world has good stuff. Indeed it does. I see the beauty all the time from the smallest of things and gestures. But what are … Continue reading

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A prime ministers worst nightmare - a woman

Which is pretty funny because I’m totally harmless (I promise). Unless you’re the ants on my rampage to find apple sauce. Or the local pancake house. Then you’re screwed. We’re talking the Australian PM – Tony Abbott. The other day someone here in Holland said to me : he’s like Geert Wilders. Except Geert doesn’t hate women   Ahhh. There’s a comparison to be proud of. With his recent actions and strong words I’d actually be more inclined to liken him to Hitler – in the sense that he appears to be attempting to resurrect a white policy and create a country of what he deems perfect people – white, catholic and full of abiding women. Tony Abbott’s desired race. So I wonder how he would feel if he ever met me. I’m university educated having studied both finance and law I run my own design business and I hustle … Continue reading

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Pepsi Factory Battambang Lis Dingjan

Today was a sad day. I lived in a town called Battambang for a long time last year and I am there now. Battambang is a nice old French colonial town on the Sangkae river in North West Cambodia closer to Thailand. It has both a beautiful and then tragic history. Battambang has always been the hub that links Phnom Penh (the capital way down south) and Poipet (the main exit through to Thailand). I work around this town in the villages or further out to the rural areas and I’ve grown to love this little place. I also love history. Adore it. Treasure it. And it breaks my heart that we destroy beautiful things. It’s idealogical to think everything can be retained and maintained. But there’s some things that have huge historical significance whether it’s ancient or modern. I am horrified what is happening in places like Syria and … Continue reading

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